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The Sad Truth about Peanut Butter

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Unfortunately, peanut butter is one of the dirtiest products out there. In fact, that is why we refer to it as a “dirty bulk”. Not only is it dirty, referring to the gross amount of agricultural chemicals it soaks up in the ground and with which it is made, but it more easily puts weight on you than it helps take it off. When we have clients that want to just add mass, those clients that have such a fast metabolism that they cannot keep any weight on, those clients that my weight loss clients hate, I feed them a ton of peanut butter – not because I do not like them, but because it puts weight on them fast!

So let’s break it down. Peanuts are actually not even nuts at all, they are legumes, like peas, lentils, and soybeans. They have a nutritional profile similar to tree nuts, but grow in the ground instead. Many people, and even trainers, consider peanut butter a great source of protein, but is it really? In just one-ounce pf peanut butter, yes, there is about 7 grams of protein, but there is also 14 grams of fat. That’s a fair amount of fat to take in if your goal is focused on protein intake and weight loss. A single healthy serving is only two ounces. How many of you actually dole out two ounces of peanut butter on anything? Try it. Measure it. Take a look at two ounces of peanut butter spread across a single piece of toast. It is nothing. It is definitely not the gooey, creamy, mounds of peanut butter I used to love to squeeze out of my PB&Js. But that amazing gooey overload of peanut butter love also comes with its hefty share of 56 grams of fat, not to mention the added fat and sugar from the jelly and bread. RIP PB&Js.

What if we don’t mind the fat intake? Fair enough. So what else is wrong with peanut butter? Here we go back to the dirty portion. It’s very rare to find or choose to purchase raw and unsweetened peanut butter; and if you have tried it, you know you don’t want to buy it every again. It’s nowhere near the delicious flavor of yummy creamy sweetened and altered peanut butter. But that’s all of those commercial additives that your body will chuck right into your fat cells – which makes my thin clients enjoy their dirty bulk. These commercial additives include but are not limited to a ton of added sugar, hydrogenated oils (Bad, Bad, Bad fat), pesticides from the ground, oxalates, and crap that depletes your Omega 3’s. Together this slows down your metabolism, causes weight gain, increases your risk of heart disease, lowers your HDL (good) and increases your LDL (bad) cholesterol, increases inflammation, which leads to more weight gain and bloating, and increases risk for Type 2 diabetes. Not good. Not good at all.

And the raw thing… Why do we want to eat raw nuts? Roasted nuts are typically roasted in oil, increasing the fat content, calories, and sodium content. Raw nuts are also an incredible workout for your metabolism which helps to boost your metabolism and increases weight loss. The healthiest nut route? Go for the raw nuts. It’s tough, however, to find raw peanuts because they are too moldy. What? Yes, too moldy. Tree nuts, not so moldy as they come from trees and enjoy clean fresh air as they grow.

So, next time, skip the mold, the toxins, the high unhealthy fats, and the dirty bulk properties of peanut butter and choose any other real nut butter to enjoy!

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