Sweat, Burn, and Build in Our Classes



A classic for this gym and our members! Keep your heart rate high as you sweat through a "warm up", take out some aggression on the bags, and end with targeted strength and core training.  



Huff and puff your way through this conditioning class using battling ropes, jump ropes, medicine balls and more to keep your heart rate up, tighten your core, and burn off your cheat meals.


Want to stick to strength?  In this class we use kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and more to put you through an intense muscle building workout to tighten, tone, and strengthen your body.  This is a great compliment to your martial arts workouts, strengthening the muscles you need inside and out of the ring.


Sweat, burn, and shred through a full body workout of strength, endurance, cardio, and core training. 


A twist to our classic Hit N Fit class - Focus on and perfect form while working up quite a sweat punching, kicking, elbowing, and kneeing bags and pads for a calorie burning, technique focused, self-defense based workout.


This is a highly advanced class in which our advanced members workout alongside the trainer, completing a 60-120 minute AMRAP workout (As Many Reps As Possible).  Members must talk with Liz first to confirm that they are advanced enough in form, stamina, and endurance to attend this workout.  For those that are: start your weekend off with a high calorie burning, profuse sweat producing, exhausting workout that will challenge you to your max!  You absolutely will struggle your way through it, but once you finish, you will walk away feeling immensely accomplished. 

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