Build Your Own Membership

Mix and match group workouts, one-on-one training sessions, and nutrition options to build a personalized and affordable fitness plan! 

Group Classes

Unlimited Class Membership - $99/Month

Take as many strength, conditioning, boxing, and self defense classes as your heart desires with no limitations!​

Two Classes Per Week - $80/Month

Choose this option to stick to group workouts and think about adding in a one-on-one session or two each week to maximize results!

One Class Per Week - $50/Month

Get an extra workout in each week while focusing on one-on-one training!

Workout Tracking - $35/Month

Always asking what weight you should use every time you start an exercise? Have our trainers track your workouts.  This allows us to implement our expertise, adjust and increase your weights, and maximize your workouts!


One-On-One Training


50 Minute Strength Training Sessions 

     1 Per Week - $45/Session  

     2 Per Week - $40/Session  

     3 Per Week - $35/Session  

30 Minute Boxing or Self Defense Session

     1 Per Week - $35/Session  

     2 Per Week - $30/Session  

     3 Per Week - $25/Session  


4 Week Metabolism or Weight Loss Boost

     $150 for Members/ $249 for NonMembers

     Get results fast with this intense fitness and nutrition plan!

Nutrition Consultation Without Meal Planning

     $50 for Members/ $100 for NonMembers

     Schedule a one-hour nutrition consultation to learn what your

     food actually does for you and what really is healthy!

Nutrition Tracking - $35/Month

      Need accountability and/or want to be able to make adjustments

     to your nutrition plan as you see results in order to maximize your

     effort?  Sign up for nutrition tracking to submit your food logs 

     and receive feedback and adjustments!

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