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About Us

We Optimize Your Effort

And Maximize Your Results

Getting and staying in shape should not be a monotonous punishment, it is an empowering lifestyle decision. We believe in maximizing your effort by offering a variety of classes, one-on-one strength and self defense training, nutrition planning and consultation, and an upbeat, friendly, community environment to keep you motivated and and on track with your fitness goals.  You will work hard, you will sweat heavily, and you will be sore along the way.  You will also have the supportive expertise of professionals and motivation of your new gym family to finally be in the best mental and physical shape of your life.

Getting Started

Not Sure Where to Start?

Meet with one of our head trainers or owners for a free consultation to discuss your options.  Go over your fitness history, goals, interests, and any injuries.  Develop a fitness plan together that meets your health, wellness, fitness, and financial needs!

Group Classes

Ready to get into the gym but don't know what to do?  Or maybe you just want to mix up your current routine and try something new... Our classes are programed by knowledgeable instructors who know how to keep your heart rate up, keep your form on point, and keep you motivated while you burn calories and build strength and technique.  Try all of the classes or pick and choose your favorites to keep your routine interesting and continue to reach your fitness goals.  We max our classes at ten members to give you the attention and focus you deserve.

Private Training

Want even more personalized attention in every workout?  Or maybe just a session each week to compliment the classes you already take?  Whether you are training to lose weight, trim and tone, increase your stamina, build muscle, or just want some extra therapy time and technique hitting our mitts and bags,we've got you.  We will pair you with a trainer to put together a program specifically for your goals, your interests, and your schedule with one-on-one attention.  We offer individual strength, boxing, kickboxing, and self defense sessions.


Fitness experts state that nutrition is 80% of the game.  Eating the right things at the right time in the right portions for your body and your goals maximizes your effort to bring you fast and efficient results.  Our experts love to educate our clients about nutrition.  We offer individualized meal plans, nutrition consultations to teach you what we know and what your body needs, metabolism boosting programs, and an amazing 4-week weight loss program.  Implementing nutritional guidance and strategies helps you hit your fitness goals quickly and effectively.

Choose one of the following fitness and health programs or Build Your Membership and mix and match your options to create a personalized program that fits your interests and goals.

Eat More and Weigh Less!  No more starving yourself.   Members lose anywhere from 10-20 pounds in only 4 weeks working out only 2-4 times per week! In a private consultation we develop a detailed, individualized nutrition plan. Then, you workout in our classes, follow your nutrition plan, lose that weight, boost your metabolism, and look and feel amazing!

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